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CNBC interviews IXE's CEO on lithium

CNBC interviews IXE Group's CEO Alejandro Garcia on lithium. To access the full interview, please click in the link below: http://www.executiveinterviews.co...

IXE's new projects: Quinoa & salty lakes

IXE Group has launched in Bolivia two unusual large-scale projects to extract lithium and to grow quinoa.

IXE secured industrialization of salty lakes

On December 19th 2014, IXE Group announced in La Paz Bolivia, that its subsidiaries IXE Ventures AG (Zurich) and RENABO Extraccion y Explotacion de Minerales...

IXE announces investment in quinoa

IXE Group announces investment in quinoa on large scale in Bolivia. To read the full article, please click in the pdf link below:

IXE launches an insdustrial scale project

IXE launches agricultural activity in Bolivia on industrial scale. To read the article please click either on the PDF link or on the web link below:http://ww...

IXE starts activities in Bolivia - by BILANZ

IXE intends to grow crops in Bolivia in large scale. To access the full article in English, please click on the PDF link below.

Bloomberg interviews the CEO of IXE Group, Alejandro Garcia

The CEO of IXE Group, Alejandro Garcia interviewed by Bloomberg.http://www.bloomberg.com/video/quinoa-seen-as-multi-billion-dollar-business-uJgOr8E1Q9iDhIwXx...

CNBC interviews Alejandro Garcia

The interview of Alejandro Garcia, IXE Group's CEO, on CNBC Squawk Box http://www.executiveinterviews.com/delivery/v1/mini/default.asp?order=EU06266a

Alejandro Garcia's interview with Al Jazeera

Alejandro Garcia's interview on this weekend's Al Jazeera's Counting the Cost show. The feature starts at 14:35 min http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nHcyh2Gxns

finews.ch publishes an article on IXE

An article has been published about IXE Group describing the company's intentions for the future.If you are interested in reading further about the article p...

NZZ Interviews the CEO of IXE Group

Mexican big landowners move to Switzerland: The Garcia Alvarez Family controls agricultural land of approximately two million hectares. Since 2006 the corpor...

moneycab.com interviews IXE's CEO

In his interview Mr. Alejandro Garcia talks about his family's heritage, the IXE positioning and business model as well as his personal vision.