Who we are


Our inherited commitment to securing resources for future generations

Our commitment is to serve as a responsible global corporate citizen, respond to the needs of all stakeholders while taking account the economic, the social and the environmental aspects of our value creation. Our guiding principles include:

Sustainably securing resources
We look beyond the short-term demand for resources and believe that natural resources from ‘’Mother Earth“ have to be sustainably used and carefully preserved for future generations. We are choosing only partners who share this ambition and environmental consciousness. See also IXE AGRO.

Fostering entrepreneurship and leadership
We are convinced that difficult societal challenges require entrepreneurial spirit and self-initiative. Endorsed by the founding family’s generation-spanning entrepreneurial achievements we encourage our people to continue with this tradition.

Capitalizing on diversity
We value and respect the diversity of our employees. The variety in education and cultural and ethnical background of our global team is enriching our corporate culture and strengthening our competitive advantage.

Building enduring relationships
We are forging long-lasting win-win stakeholder relationships. IXE deals are based on transparency, predictability and clearly defined and harmonised expectations among all participating parties.